Do you have any prejudice? describes prejudice as any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.  We all have prejudices, yet the Bible declares we should, “Judge NOT”. We are urged to come to God as children. If we watch young children we see that they live life with wonder and awe because they have not begun acquiring prejudices or opinions of good or bad. God is not all or nothing. God is all and nothing. Thank God, it was not necessary for me to get good enough for God or I may have never recovered from my bout with addiction.

So where does most of our prejudices come from? We live our lives and acquire experiences. Each experience teaches us something. So we apply our misguided judgment to all future experiences in fear of making the same mistakes we made before. The problem is that we never make mistakes. We only learn lessons. All lessons show us something new if we don’t apply prejudice. Prejudice pushes us away from a totally new experience by creating a fear of whatever may have happened to us in the past. The reality is that we can never experience the exact same experience.

The less I apply prejudice in my life the more dynamic and colorful my life gets. I may have the ugliest resume in the world with sixty jobs and seven careers. The truth is that I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone. I spent most of my life, prior to recovery, believing the people who judged me by their standards. I am satisfied with my life and it took every experience to guide me to God’s plan for me. I can see that it took every experience I had to properly perform the tasks God asks me to accomplish. When I work with clients I am challenged to look deep within myself and far beyond myself. If you want to know how to move beyond prejudice remember…

Your Life is PERFECT!



Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D

About Randolph Ek

My name is Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D. I started life as one of five children of an alcoholic father. The physical and mental abuse nearly destroyed my life. In fact my self-destructive behavior nearly landed me in prison. I eventually was guided to an alcohol/drug counselor and he directed me to a rehabilitation center. Since that time I have spent more than thirty years devoted to helping people find their ultimate potential. We can blame our negative, spiraling life on victimization but until we accept responsibility the power we need is beyond us. When we accept our part in our lives and surrender to a higher power, which I choose to call God, intervention is immediate. God allows us to realize our true power. We are all made in God’s Image and Likeness and have all the power of the universe at our disposal. We are not victims; we are volunteers and once we believe this truth our lives become limitless. God wants us all to have our heart’s desire and he will deliver whatever we continually think about good or bad. Unless I start my day off powerless and humble I cannot make the spiritual connection required to tap into God’s limitless power. God loves mankind and refuses to leave anyone behind. We can go willingly or we can be dragged to salvation. Pain is merely a symptom of spiritual separation mind, body and spirit. Realize, your individual limited resources, seek help, join others in their quest for spiritual understanding. Realize that all religions are right, yet they are also incomplete.

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