Our behavior is molded by our habits. Our personality propensities are based on our DNA, but our general behavior is learned. We have physical, chemical, mental and spiritual energy moving our thoughts and feelings but our overall behavior is driven by our habits. Habits are the result of what we do constantly, whether consciously or unconsciously. The habits we build are our commitment to our ultimate potential.

It is said that, “Practice makes Perfect.” This statement is not true as, “Practice makes permanent. Perfect practice makes perfect.” If we want to have behavioral patterns that we are comfortable with we must stay conscious of the behaviors we have and build new habits that will mold the person we would love to be. If we continue to live in what I call automatic, then we will continue to behave the way we always have. And as Albert Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” 

Before we learn to build new habits we must learn how the mind works. The brain is a physical organ. It is a complex organ in which scientists are mostly clueless in how it functions but we have learned some significant functionality that will help us in achieving power over our behavior. The function of the brain we must look at is thought. Thought is called consciousness and there are three levels we must look at.

First there is subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is merely our memory. When we compare the memory of a past experience, which is infused with emotional baggage, to a current experience we may miss the lesson embedded in the current experience. If we would stop comparing our current life with our past life and merely experience we would learn our lessons much easier than arguing with our subconscious mind. 

The second level of consciousness is conscious mind. This where we experience the “NOW.” Conscious mind is our experiential mind. We don’t need to compare our current experiences as our conscious mind is supported by our spiritual nature in the form of conscience. Conscience is what makes us feel good or bad about the experiences in our lives. We don’t need our rational mind if we can learn to stay in the now and utilize the combined efforts of conscious and conscience. 

The third level of consciousness is super-conscious mind. This level of thought can only be accessed through the conscious mind and never when we are in our subconscious mind. This is why the Bible says that one must never judge. I have heard religious people say they can have righteous judgement but righteous judgement is “right thought judgement,” which is seeing everything in God’s universe as God’s order and command. Super-consciousness is the birthplace of intuition and all intuitive thought. It is said that deep super-conscious thought is God thought. 

All levels of consciousness are necessary but to develop new habits we would do well in staying in within conscious and super-conscious mind. We need our conscience to keep us aware of the differentiation between love and fear. We must check our motives when building new habits. We must always try to build our new lives with love and our heredity of loving creativity. This is why I always remind you to…

Your Life is PERFECT!

Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D.

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