Control according to is to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate, command, regulate or hold in check. To control is to overpower other inner or outer forces. I find that when I think I am in control I have lost my spiritual oneness and have isolated myself from God. I cannot let and make at the same time and to let is to know that all power, including my own, belongs to God. I have power, but unless I align my power with God’s power I could very easily be controlling things away from God’s.

The only control I can utilize that will perpetuate my oneness with God is controlling my inner urges to control. I need to control my selfishness. I need to control my responses to others, especially when I am angry as I tend to want to strike out when I am angry. I must control my emotions, while still experiencing them. I must control my urges to live primarily in my Human Nature; reacting to pleasure instead of working toward happiness.  I must make sure that my outer response to life is an example of my spiritual self and not my animal nature.

We are spiritual beings learning human experiences and must control our judgment. To control is to stand before God and behind God. All that I am is God and God is grace or unconditional love. If I am not living a life of love I am not living a life of God. I must control the desire to follow broad social standards and stick to my conservative values, which are basic in the Ten Commandments. I am becoming the person God made me to be and control is a very small part of that direction. If you want to know what you should control remember…

Your Life is PERFECT!



Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D.

About Randolph Ek

My name is Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D. I started life as one of five children of an alcoholic father. The physical and mental abuse nearly destroyed my life. In fact my self-destructive behavior nearly landed me in prison. I eventually was guided to an alcohol/drug counselor and he directed me to a rehabilitation center. Since that time I have spent more than thirty years devoted to helping people find their ultimate potential. We can blame our negative, spiraling life on victimization but until we accept responsibility the power we need is beyond us. When we accept our part in our lives and surrender to a higher power, which I choose to call God, intervention is immediate. God allows us to realize our true power. We are all made in God’s Image and Likeness and have all the power of the universe at our disposal. We are not victims; we are volunteers and once we believe this truth our lives become limitless. God wants us all to have our heart’s desire and he will deliver whatever we continually think about good or bad. Unless I start my day off powerless and humble I cannot make the spiritual connection required to tap into God’s limitless power. God loves mankind and refuses to leave anyone behind. We can go willingly or we can be dragged to salvation. Pain is merely a symptom of spiritual separation mind, body and spirit. Realize, your individual limited resources, seek help, join others in their quest for spiritual understanding. Realize that all religions are right, yet they are also incomplete.

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