Chicken or Egg?

Which came first the chicken or the egg? I guess we may never know. In fact it really doesn’t matter does it. There are things in life that do matter. A major point of interest to me and should be of interest to most of society, is the future of medicine and psychology. The health of our society needs to be of major interest to us all. We cannot continue to treat our health with such lack of regard. We must stop moving in a direction that is driving mankind over a cliff and face the thing that people seem to cringe over, CHANGE!  

A science based psychologist, or pathologist, someone who studies illness, believes that the egg came first. They believe that much of human illness comes from chemical imbalance. They believe that if they can just balance the chemicals in their client’s system the thinking will eventually change and the illness will cure. The reality is that psychologists, as is all pathological study, is loosing the war. More people suffer from disease, both mental and physical than ever before. Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich at our expense, both physical and financial.

The problem with most drugs is that they work fine for temporary relief from symptoms but very few drugs actually cure anything. The problem with constant symptom screening is that symptoms are hints of problems. Symptoms are not to be treated but to be understood so we can support the body in its job of providing perfect health. The people I know who are mentally and physically running at their highest potential are constantly working on sufficient exercise, proper nutrition and prayer and meditation. If the machine is in perfect working order it works perfectly. If the machine is not maintained it breaks down.

I, as a metaphysical psychologist or apithologist, the study of health, believe that the chicken came first. Behaviors are learned at an early age, rutting brain function. The brain, being the body’s computer, reacts to fear and generates chemical imbalance. As with all computers; garbage in – garbage out. In my practice work on convincing people that they have been lied to. As I try to undermine the disruptive thoughts I work on convincing them to believe in a pure loving God, our heritage as spiritual beings and the grace that God bestows on us. When their thoughts have changed their fear dissipates and they slowly regain their soundness of mind. When the computer is fearless the signals from it are pure and empowering. This is why I always leave you with…

Your Life is PERFECT!

Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D.

About Randolph Ek

My name is Dr. Randolph Ek, Mpsy.D. I started life as one of five children of an alcoholic father. The physical and mental abuse nearly destroyed my life. In fact my self-destructive behavior nearly landed me in prison. I eventually was guided to an alcohol/drug counselor and he directed me to a rehabilitation center. Since that time I have spent more than thirty years devoted to helping people find their ultimate potential. We can blame our negative, spiraling life on victimization but until we accept responsibility the power we need is beyond us. When we accept our part in our lives and surrender to a higher power, which I choose to call God, intervention is immediate. God allows us to realize our true power. We are all made in God’s Image and Likeness and have all the power of the universe at our disposal. We are not victims; we are volunteers and once we believe this truth our lives become limitless. God wants us all to have our heart’s desire and he will deliver whatever we continually think about good or bad. Unless I start my day off powerless and humble I cannot make the spiritual connection required to tap into God’s limitless power. God loves mankind and refuses to leave anyone behind. We can go willingly or we can be dragged to salvation. Pain is merely a symptom of spiritual separation mind, body and spirit. Realize, your individual limited resources, seek help, join others in their quest for spiritual understanding. Realize that all religions are right, yet they are also incomplete.

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